A Point and Shoot is All I Need?

It has been 16 months since I first bought my R-D1. I have been thinking of selling all my camera gear as I finally got around to the fact that I don’t need all these uber cameras to take the photos I need.

I am not a pro. I don’t like carrying big heavy equipment. I just need a PnS.

Though I like the R-D1 and the whole rangefinder thing, I realise that again, I don’t need it. I want something that is easy to carry around, fast to shoot and can go everywhere even underwater. Hence, I have sold the R-D1 and am now selling the VC 35mm. The D200 and Nikon lenses would probably go next.

What would I use? I found that the HTC Sensation is the camera that I use more often now. Though low light ability is poor compared to most cameras, shots in the light are very good. I surprised myself during a trip to Cameron Highlands that I almost only used my phone. I printed out shots taken during the trip and they are pretty good for 4R size. The important thing is to have a camera that is easy to carry around and that you don’t need to think whether to bring or not to bring.

I am interested in getting a do-it-all-go-anywhere camera. Perhaps an Olympus TG-1 is the answer. Fast lens and with the ability to go underwater. I read that the focusing is pretty fast too. Maybe this is the one to get.


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