Convertibars’ Minor Adjustment

In the last few days, I’ve been re-adjusting the convertibars to try and find a satisfactory forward/backward angle for the handlebars. As there are no “click stops” on the convertibars, the adjustments can be very minute. The upside is that the rider can really find the point where he or she is fully satisfied. The downside, or perhaps difficulty, is that one may have to return and do the adjustments quite a few times to get it. In addition, it can be quite difficult to measure the rotational changes. I can’t. I use my eye to estimate.

Anyway, the “wide setting” that I liked initially was fine but it started to feel kind of weird when I am leaning a bit more. My arms felt like they are spread out at 45 degrees forward and too wide spread out. The feeling is somewhat like riding a bike with a wide handlebar while cornering. Maybe like a supermotard, which is fine, if I can push the bar down and stick out my leg MX style.

So I re-adjusted to the narrow setting and then found my arms now too close to my body and counter steering was weird too. My elbows seemed too close to my body when I leaned forward. Just felt a bit strange.

As such, last night I re-adjusted them again, moving the electrical boxes and grips to use all the handlebar length (wide setting) but started to move the angle the handlebars wider from the “thumbs trapped” position.

Its hard to describe where the final position (I really hope that its final cos’ all this loosening and tightening is taking a lot of time), but I started to push the bars out until my hand, while gripped around the handle, just touches the fuel tank at full lock. This seems to be a good handlebar position for now. Note that the adjustments are really minor. Maybe 0.5 degrees? I don’t know. As the bars are long, a little change can feel like a lot at the end of the handle.

For those who are currently having difficulty trying to find the right handlebar position. Don’t give up. Persevere and slowly find the right position for yourself. It can be difficult, but markings showing where the positions of the height and rotation of the clamps and bars will help. Then slowly and minutely adjust the angles once you are about there.


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