Certech Gel – Snake Oil or Miracle Gel?

I came across an interesting product called the Certech Gel. The following description was found on their website:

“CerTechGels is a revolutionary premium product line that virtually gives you a new engine by resurfacing the internal engine parts with ceramics (yes, ceramics like they do with racing engines for $30,000), saving you potentially thousands of dollars to rebuild your engine.

No downtime for repair.  Simply add Premium CerTech Gels and drive down the road, or off the road – you choose.  Fixes Transmissions, Gear Boxes, Hydraulic Systems too.

CerTech Gels  repairs and then protects metal to metal sliding friction surfaces with an incredibly hard ceramic surface similar to those used in racing engines and the space shuttle.  At a fraction of the cost and effort.  That is right, no repair time required.  Within the first 500 miles, you will notice the difference.  In 3,000 miles, the repair work is completed.

But that is not all, CerTech Gels continue repairing and perfecting tolerances for over 50,000 miles.  Then simply add a booster treatment of usually 1/2 the original treatment.  Your engine will perform better than new and last 2 to 3 times longer.”

I am skeptical of such products. It just seem too good to be true. An “engine overhaul” for SGD160? Seriously…?

I told my dad of this product and he was interested to try it on his car. The car is a more than 20 year old Toyota Starlet EP80 with 257,516km on the clock.

While it is still running alright, he mentioned that the car is blowing some white smoke and consuming about 3 litres of engine oil between oil change intervals of about 10,000km.

We ordered 2 syringes of CerTech Gels which were delivered yesterday. Each tube was SGD80.

We took some time to test the compression of the cylinders and got the following readings:

No.1: 185 psi

No.2: 150 psi

No.3: 150 psi

No.4: 140 psi

The old plugs were also changed for new ones. He intends to add the CerTech Gels after the old engine oil is changed. We will see then if this product does what it claims or is another expensive snake oil. Will update after they are added. If it works, maybe I’ll get some for my bike too. We’ll see.


7 thoughts on “Certech Gel – Snake Oil or Miracle Gel?

    1. Hi John, will be updating it soon. I still haven’t had a chance to do another compression test on my dad’s car. Sundays when we are free, my mum takes the car out. Sorry…will be updating soon (hopefully!).

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