Certech Gel – Toyota Starlet Update 2

Its been about 2 weeks after my dad added the Certech Gels into his Toyota Starlet. The mileage was 258,639km when he put in the 1st syringe. It was 259,014km when he put in the 2nd syringe. There were 375km between the 2 syringes.

After the 1st syringe was put into the engine oil and about 1 week later, my mum, who is the main driver of the car, commented that the car’s throttle felt more responsive. Hmm…I was skeptical and put it down to perhaps a placebo effect. I also asked my dad about the car and he also commented the same. Hmm…really?

I asked my dad to start the car so that I could take a look at the exhaust fumes. There was still white smoke and the amount of white smoke seen exiting the tail pipe seemed the same.

After 2 weeks, my dad told me that he had added the 2nd syringe. Today, when visiting my dad, I asked him to start the car and rev the engine. I noted that the volume of white smoke seemed to be reduced. Hmm…my imagination? We then took the car out for a drive with me at the wheel.

Now, I am not a fan of cars. I do not like to drive cars because they are so restrictive. A bike can filter through lanes and we can even have some fun on certain corners (within speed limits of course). In addition, riding a motorcycle is so much more engaging and exciting. I don’t like to be in traffic jams or wasting time looking for parking lots and parking the car either. However, I do appreciate being driven in a car or driving one when it is raining! 😀

Anyway, the first thing I noticed when I drove the car was the responsiveness of the throttle. Now, I seldom drive the Starlet, but I know that it did not feel like this when I last drove it. The throttle response was never so immediate (or “light” as my mum calls it). Ok…so maybe it wasn’t a placebo effect. During the drive, I noted nothing adverse about the engine nor any weird noises. The car was not a powerful car by any means and today I did not note a gain of 100bhp either (LOL). It was smooth, but the most noticeable effect was the responsive throttle.

Today’s mileage was 259,071km, so between today and the 1st syringe there was a total of 432km. According to the distributor here, whom we met again today, we would need about 2,000km for the full effect of the Certech Gel to manifest. So perhaps there is more to come.

My dad and I planned to do another compression test after 2,000km are up. However, we may not need to wait so long. I would be convinced enough if the white smoke disappears.

As for why we met the distributor again, yours truly has also bought 2 syringes of Certech Gel (or snake oil) for the GSXR1000. More details to come.


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