Certech Gel – GSXR1000 – Update 2 (plus update on the End of the World)

Update on The End of The World

As I write this, it is 21 Dec 2012 in the afternoon. Looking out the window, it’s a beautiful sunny Friday afternoon. I don’t think the world will end today, but just in case I’m wrong, those interested can view it live with a webcam live from New York City.


The American continent has just entered 21 Dec and it is still not yet daybreak. According to the Hollywood’s “prophetic” movie 2012, the end begins around 8am, so we probably have another 6 hours to go before all hell breaks loose. One thing I can’t figure out, Hollywood can’t seem to agree on its prophetic messages. Do we die from an Asteroid Strike (Deep Impact), Freeze To Death (Day After Tomorrow), Bio-Disaster (Resident Evil), Killed by Robots (Terminator) or Die Due to a Cataclysmic Earthly Event (2012)? All these confusing scenarios makes Bible Prophecy seems simple. Well, probably because the One who gave the messages in the Bible is clear thinking and a great Teacher – see Daniel chapter 2.

Anyway, back to the usual programming.

2nd Tube of Certech Gel Updated

I would like to inform readers that I’ve added the 2nd tube of Certech Gel. It was added about 170km after the 1st tube.

Adding the 2nd tube at 170km after the 1st one.
Adding the 2nd tube at 170km after the 1st one.

The noise from the clutch is still there. I don’t notice much of an improvement. As for promised smoother engine, more power, harmonically balanced engine etc etc, I’m not too sure about that. I’ve never felt a lack of power from the engine in the first place. However, I think the engine is smoother and it actually seems to idle better. Hmm…I don’t know. These few days I’ve been more interested in tweaking my suspension settings and testing them out. I’ve honestly not paid much attention to the engine.

I will continue to update this page if the world is still around after these few days. Cheers to all. God bless you all over this weekend. Remember to spend time with people who are really important to you. Remember to tell your loved ones that you love them before you go to bed tonight.


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