Pirelli Angel ST

Another Bleeding Hole

This month has not been kind to my poor wallet. I had to change my Pirelli Diablo Strada for a new set of Pirelli Angel ST. The rear Diablo Strada suffered a puncture about a week ago and we mended it ourselves. The offending item was a 8.5cm long metal rod. For some reason, there was not only 1 hole, but 2 side by side!. The 2nd one was just beside the one with the rod stuck in it. The bad thing was the inconvenience. The upside was that I could learn to mend the tyre myself.

Looks like a small nail. But its not!
Looks like a small nail. But its not!
We pulled and pulled and the rod never seemed to end!
We pulled and pulled but the rod never seemed to end!
Patched! Two holes not One!
Patched! Two holes not one!
How did this get in there?!
How did this get in there?!
The humble tyre patch kit. Now I know how to use it!
The humble tyre patch kit. Now I know how to use it!

With the tyre mended, I thought that these tyres have another maybe 1,000km to 2,000km to go. However, that was not to be as I discovered that the tyre pressure dropped quite a bit when I checked it during Christmas Day – from 40psi to 32psi. On the 26th, I rechecked it again and it again dropped from 40psi to 32psi. During lunch break, I took her to a shop to have it looked at and they confirmed that the patched hole was leaking air again and this time, it could not be re-patched. So I had to change for a new tyre.

Since the Diablo Stradas were out of production and the store did not stock any, I decided to buy the Angel ST as I’ve read quite good reviews of it. After the tyres were fitted and I rode off, though I was still gentle on the throttle and not leaning much due to the new rubber, by this morning, I have noted a few things about this new tyre.

Firstly, the tyres seem to have a slightly softer construction (not the contact material) than the Diablo Stradas. They seem to absorb the bumps on the road better than the Stradas. I could never seem to get the Stradas to give me a comfortable ride on the GSXR, but the Angel STs gave a slightly better ride. Though still a little bumpy, they were an improvement over the Stradas. My current air pressure settings are 35psi front and 41psi rear. Perhaps decreasing the rear tyre pressure to 40psi will do the trick.

Secondly, they are eager to corner.  Of course, these are new tyres and the profiles are still good, so it could be down to that. The bike now steers easily and are more than happy to lean over. Of course, I am restraining myself as it is not wise to lean the bike over too much at this point. Nevertheless, the 1st impressions are very positive.

Diablo Strada – mileage

I checked my records and found that in 7 months, I’ve clocked slightly more than 10,000km on the Stradas. It was mostly city riding, highways, 2 up riding in both dry and wet conditions. There was also a longish 1,000km return trip to Cameron Highlands thrown in. I am quite impressed with the mileage of the Stradas. If the puncture had not happened, I think the tyres may last another 1,000km-2,000km. This is quite good compared to my old FZR1000, whose rear tyres usually last at most about 9,000km. I’ll be interested to see how the Angel ST performs.


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