Certech – Toyota Starlet Update 4

Yesterday morning, my dad informed me that the car has now clocked 1,000km after the 1st Certech Gel has been added. He decided to do a compression test and we got down to it.

Here are the numbers from our first compression test and the numbers we got yesterday:

   Cylinder No.        1st Test       2nd Test

  • No.1                     185 psi         200 psi
  • No.2                     150 psi         150 psi
  • No.3                     150 psi         170 psi
  • No.4                     140 psi         180 psi

So it seems like there is some improvement over the 1,000km. However, cylinder no.2 does not seem to have experience any improvement. We will do another test at the 2,000km mark and see if anything changes.

As for the white smoke, the exhaust is still emitting it. My dad said that it could be the blow by from the worn rubber seals at the valve stems and Certech Gel cannot fix that. He is planning to get the rubber seals and change them in the future.


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