Certech Gel – GSXR1000 Update 4

My bike has ran for about 2,500km after the 1st Certech Gel has been added. So far, the situation with the clutch is still the same – she still thinks she’s a Ducati. There’s no adverse developments from adding the Certech Gel. The engine is still smooth, powerful and still scares me at times. The idling is very constant. The needle hardly wavers when she’s idling in neutral. I’m not sure if this is due to Certech’s Gel or not. Other than that, there’s not much more to say.

Maybe improvements were being made internally among the cylinders, cams and gears. The bike’s engine did not have big problems in the first place, so maybe that’s why the improvements if any, have not been so dramatic.

My dad seems to think that the gel works. He claims that the engine is smoother and more powerful. The white smoke has stopped coming out from the exhaust but that was due to the valve stem rubber/seals replacement and not due to the Certech Gel (its not made to fix that). We will check the compression again later to see if it improves even more.

Is there anyone else out there who has used the Certech Gel? Hope you can give your feedback as well. Thanks!


5 thoughts on “Certech Gel – GSXR1000 Update 4

  1. Hi,

    I’ve been following your updates on your GSXR. I’m also a user of Certech on my bike, and I feel no difference at all. I’ve been running on it for 7000km, and has already done one oil change.

    The only difference I recalled when first I dropped in the gel, is that gear shifting is abit on the rough side. Like you said, maybe improvements were being made internally.


    1. Thanks for sharing. Can you give us more details about using the Certech Gel? For example, what bike was it and what you hoped to improve by using the gel? In my case, it was for the noisy clutch, but it did nothing for it.

      Was there really no improvement at all in your case? It didn’t do anything much for my bike that I noticed.

  2. Hi, the bike is a year 2000 CB400. My main aim was to remove the ringing/rattling sound of the engine, secondary was a smoother riding experience.

    Improvements, none that I noticed. The rattling is still there, the smoothness for my butt-feeling is not there, and the bike felt a little heavy after dropping it in. Is yours the same?

    1. Hi, thanks for your update. Hmm…looks like Certech Gel is not working for our bikes. Based of both our experiences, it does not work. I think its safe to say that its just another of those snake oil products. My father thinks it works on his car, but it sure didn’t do a thing for my bike.

      Is the rattling sound from the cam chain? Perhaps a change of a new cam chain tensioner will do the trick. Perhaps you can send it in for a full service like checking the valve clearances. If they are out by a lot, there will be some tapping sounds. Other than that, if nothing’s wrong, just ride and enjoy it. Of if you want to keep the bike, then budget for an engine rebuild and new shocks?

      1. Hi, not sure where the rattling sound came from, but the seller did advertised by saying to try the product before doing an engine rebuild, remove engine noises etc.. So I thought that the gel will do some miracle. Haha.

        So far, I’m enjoying my ride and taking it for trips up north. Still considering if I still wants to keep this bike for the next year or two, maybe upgrade or downgrade.. Or maybe get a full servicing and get new Bitubo shocks if I plan to keep it.

        Do update more on your bike, and trips too. Would love to read about it!

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