Certech Gel – GSXR1000 Update 5 (Final)

Well its been 3 months since my last post on the bike and the Certech Gel.

As those who have been following my blog know, the main reason why I bought the Certech Gel was to get the knocking and clattering clutch fixed. The gel was added after the clutch plates, fiber plates and lastly the clutch basket were changed. The knocking and clattering were quieter but still very noticeable. It was most apparent when the bike was in neutral and the clutch lever released.

I can tell you emphatically that the Certech Gel did nothing for the noise. There was no change. At all.

Now, I thought that something more serious (and expensive) was in store for me. The funny thing was that the bike still went like stink. Once she’s in gear and on her way, you wouldn’t have thought anything was wrong with her. Its only at the junction when she’s in neutral…oh the clattering….drove me nuts. I could have painted her red and white and slapped a big “Ducati” sticker on the fairing and no one would have been the wiser. Hmm….why didn’t I think of that earlier.

Anyway, since her service is coming up I sent her to he Suzuki Agent’s workshop for an oil change and made a rather long list of other stuff for the good man to go over. She was weeping oil from somewhere (turned out to the the cam cover gasket), needed her steering head bearings and front wheel bearings changed, horn decided to quit on me and  the fork rebound adjuster and top cap looked at (only 5 clicks adjustment range – something was not right). And…the Ducati clutch syndrome.

Noisy Clutch Fixed – Not By Certech

I picked up the bike a couple of days ago and the good man has fixed it! Without even opening the clutch housing. He said that the throttle body was out of sync and filthy. He cleaned it and synchronized the throttle body and now Lemozuki is purring like a sweet little kitty. The Ducati disease was gone.

She feels different now and pulls strongly right from the bottom of the rev range. I already thought that she was powerful enough, but now she pulls even stronger. If she went like stink before, she goes even stinkier now lol.

However someone explain to me how an out of sync throttle body affects the clutch? I asked the good man, but his explanation was not very clear. If the throttle body is out, she should be running rough all through her rev range right? But why only the noisy clutch?

The good man with his assistant taking good care of diva.
The good man and his assistant taking good care of the diva.

I am now a happy man with all the problems finally solved. Certech Gel? Well, maybe it was not there to help the clutch problem. It might have done something to the engine but I can’t say for certain. I guess its worth a try before you send your bike for an engine overhaul. Is there anyone else who has tried this product and can comment?


4 thoughts on “Certech Gel – GSXR1000 Update 5 (Final)

  1. I have a Ducati 916 bp with a noisy clutch but I managed to quieten the clutch by fitting a new clutch basket and plates. Over time the clutch plates have worn and the noise is increasing but still not as noisy as I have heard out there. I think the noise is evident as when the bike is on tickover it is the leat amount of turns that the crankshaft can keep turning around. With the firring out of order. This amplifies the lumpy tick over. On a carburettor engine balancing of the carbs would have helped.
    Glad you have it sorted out

    1. hmm….what I don’t really understand is that if the carbs or the throttle bodies are out of sync, the engine should feel rough all through the rpm range right? Why only at tick over does it cause all that rattling?

  2. Well if the bike was out of sync anyway there is no way to prove or disprove whether or not the gel worked. Since compression was not the problem. It can also be said that the increase in supposed performance was caused by the gel. Damn still wondering if it works. The other post on the Toyota says yes, but damn anyway.

    1. Personally, I am still skeptical, but my dad believes that it worked on his car. The compression test seems to suggest that it did work. I think its still worth trying it if the engine needs an overhaul. No harm trying it as a last ditch effort before deciding to send it for an overhaul.

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