Certech – Toyota Starlet Update 5 (Final)

Yesterday, my dad and I finally got the chance to do the compression test on the Toyota Starlet when mum did not have to use the car in the afternoon. This was the 3rd test that we did. The 1st was done before the Certech Gel was added, the 2nd was done around 1,000km after the gel was added and yesterday’s test was done about 6,660km after the 1st gel was added.

In the middle of using the gel, the car had to have its oil pan removed and gasket changed and it was weeping oil from it. The 6,660km that I mentioned above was run with Certech Gel still in the oil. The car continue to run about 2,000km after the repair before we were able to do the compression test.

The figures we got yesterday were as follows:

  • Cylinder No.          1st Test        2nd Test       3rd Test
  • No.1                        185 psi          200 psi         180psi
  • No.2                        150 psi         150 psi          180psi
  • No.3                        150 psi         170 psi          180psi
  • No.4                        140 psi         180 psi          200psi

It looks like there was generally an improvement of overall, especially in cylinders 2 to 4. We are not sure why there was a drop in the 1st cylinder’s pressure. Maybe there seal of the compression gauge was not too good when we did it yesterday.

So there you have it. Seems like the gel probably does work. Is there anyone else out there who has used this product? Please share your experiences.



5 thoughts on “Certech – Toyota Starlet Update 5 (Final)

      1. I am still doubting that it will be as effective as it says, but Bob Pond said if I document everything through my schools auto lab, he will refund the price. So, Whats the harm in trying it?

  1. Probably quite a few variables involved. As you mentioned, you are not sure of the reliability of your compression checking-that is a big one. What about engine temperature, etc.?
    A review-yes. Scientific control- no.
    Data is probably not reliable.

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