Cameron Highlands/Melaka Trip – Reload – Part 2

Ayer Keroh Overhead Bridge Restaurant

After parking the bike, I took out both U-Locks and locked both the front and the rear discs. I used Fa Yan for the front and the Boss Alarm lock for the rear. The Fa Yan lock is pretty cool as it has a pager. If the lock is disturbed it will not only sound, it will also send a radio signal out to your pager which will also flash and beep until you cancel it. This will alert the owner that someone has been meddling with the bike/lock.

The down side is that I found the Fa Yan to be a little less sensitive than desired. The lock needs to be moved quite abruptly before it will ring. As the for Oxford Boss alarm, it is very sensitive. Any small knock will set it off. However, there are 2 problems. It can sometimes be TOO sensitive and a cooling disc brake can sometimes set it off. In addition, for whatever reason, sometimes if doesn’t go off at all as if the alarm was not set on.

I decided not to use the chain for this stop as the shelter stand to which the bike was to be chained was weak and rather useless in my opinion.

After a rather nice plate of Nasi Lemak, a cold dish of Bee Hoon Goreng (fried rice vermicelli Malay style) and a cup of Teh Tarik (milk tea), we decided to set off.

Tanjung Malim to Simpang Pulai

The next stop was Tanjung Malim Rest Stop for a tankful of petrol (about 200+ km) and a Magnum ice cream. On this stretch of road, as we neared Kuala Lumpur, the traffic got heavier and by the time we were at the outskirts of KL, we have slowed down to about 90-100kph. However, once we hit E1 after Dengkil R&R, the roads cleared up and we were again bombing along at 130-150kph.

By this time, an uncomfortable ache has started to appear at my right hand. The suspension was still too hard and my body was taking a battering. However, I have found a riding position that alleviated my back ache. If I were to sit straight up right and stretch my torso to its full, there was less stress on my back and I could ride more comfortably. However, my right wrist was aching quite badly (funnily, my wrist did not ache on our last trip) and the vibration of the handlebar was numbimg my hand.

After the break, we reached Simpang Pulai, exited and turned into A181 and stopped at the Petronas station there about 1-2km after the turn. There was a group of Malaysian riders and I went over to talk to them. Apparently, they rode from Penang and were waiting for a friend to turn up before going up the mountain. There was a BMW S1000R, Kawasaki Z1000, Aprilia Shiver and a Kawasaki Versys. All very nice bikes.

My wife and I had another Magnum ice cream. I contemplated following them up since they should know the local roads better than I. However, after thinking for a while, I realised that it probably would not be wise to follow them with a pillion and luggage as they would probably be faster and I would be tempted to keep up resulting in a potentially painful situation.

After we waved good bye to them, we finished our ice cream and got ready to leave for the mountains. This was supposed to be the highlight of the day. However, it was not to be.

Simpang Pulai to Cameron Highlands

It was about 2.30pm and a bit cloudy. We started the ride up and began to get up to speed. A little while later, I stopped and reset the fork compression damping up to my original setting. This was a bad idea.

However, a little ways up, we were met with lots of traffic. There were cars and trucks going up. I could get into a rhythm for a short stretch before coming up onto the tail of a stretch of cars. After a while, I gave up and just rode along because my wrist was getting more sore. As we got closer to our destination, the roads became busier. The car parks at the Lavender Garden and KEA Farm were full and cars were also parked along the road sides. My right wrist has become quite sore by now and I just wanted to reach our hotel as soon as possible.

After passing through Brinchang, we finally sighted the Cameron Highlands Hotel and turned in. We were asked to park along the drive way and I chose a drain grill to lock the bike up with the chain.

Was I happy to see our destination finally.
Was I happy to see our destination finally.
The Diva locked with a big chain and 2 alarmed U locks outside Cameron Highlands Resort
The Diva locked with a big chain and 2 alarmed U locks outside Cameron Highlands Resort

2 thoughts on “Cameron Highlands/Melaka Trip – Reload – Part 2

  1. Hi I was wondering where did you get your Fa Yan alarm lock with the pager.. I am looking for one but I can’t seem to find anywhere to search for it. Or maybe the bully lock. Thanks!

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