Cameron Highlands/Melaka Trip – Reload – Part 3

Cameron Highlands Resort

After taking off the saddlebags and tank bag, we headed into the hotel and was greeted by its posh interior. Wooden flooring, soft music and expensive looking sofas and leather chairs. Nice.

The biggest reason my wife chose Cameron Highlands for this trip was for the scones. She was looking forward to having high tea at the hotel and that’s the first thing that we did. We went down to the dinning area and ordered 1 set with 2 teas. This was when we realise that though YTL billed this hotel as a 5 star hotel, it really wasn’t. There was a bit of confusion with the staff as the he was a bit unsure of his English, but we got through that. Then we waited for about 20-30 minutes before the 3 tier tray was brought to us. How long does it take to prepare a few small sandwiches and a scone anyway? By this time, my wife was in one of her crappy moods.

The high tea was average and my wife was disappointed. From here, we started to learn something about Cameron Highlands. The food here was generally nothing special and some can be disappointing too.

Not As Advertised

The hotel itself was not what I expected either.

The hotel website said “Set amidst tea plantations and rolling hills, this boutique hideaway promises all the splendour, romance and nostalgia of Cameron Highlands’ grand colonial heritage. Tall French doors, timber-beamed ceilings and plantation shutters add colonial charm and a touch of nostalgia to our rooms…”

It also had a cover photo of the hotel like this:

Cameron Highlands Resort by YTL
Cameron Highlands Resort by YTL

The description and the photo seems to suggest that the hotel is located on a wide expanse of land and set among “rolling hills”. However, the reality was of a hotel that was located along the main road running through Cameron Highlands. There were no tea plantations and no rolling hills that you can walk around on once out of the main building. There was no view from our room (a roof top and trees blocking everything else) and nothing to see from the dining room as well. The tall trees were blocking the front of the hotel as well. The photo and description were deceptive to say the least.

I was thinking that perhaps there was some garden at the back of the hotel or somewhere in the hotel compound to have a walk and maybe tea in the cool hill side air. However, there was no such thing. The hotel looked big from the front, but it was not very deep. There were 3 restaurant/eating places, a small koi pond, a small shop and that was it. There was no garden to walk around and enjoy the compound. Personally, I would rather stay at Hotel Equatorial where at least I have a nice view from my balcony.

Here are some more photos:

Cameron Highlands Resort at Night
Cameron Highlands Resort at Night
It does look quite pretty at night
It does look quite pretty at night
The Library
The Library
Another view of the library
Another view of the library
The Tea Room
The Tea Room – Very Pretty

As for the food, we only had breakfast and the aforementioned high tea. The breakfast was nothing to shout about. The eggs were ok, but the rest were so so. For the price the hotel was charging for its meals, I think it would be better to eat elsewhere. If I remembered correctly, breakfast was RM70 per person if it was not included in your room package. Nuts!

The service was good and staff generally spoke good English. There were 2 Nepalese staff that we often talked to and got to know them a bit. Nice fellas. We have no complaints about the staff, but for the kind of money that Cameron Highlands Resort is charging, I do not think that I would return for a 2nd visit.


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