Cameron Highlands/Melaka Trip – Reload – Part 6 Final


Finally, we arrived in Melaka. The way into Melaka’s center was easy. Basically, you just follow the straight road and continue until you arrive at the bridge connecting to the red buildings. As the bridge was one way, just turn left and follow the flow again. After a while, you will reach the wide 4 lane one way street and our hotel was on the right.

This time, we booked Hatten Hotel as it was recommended by a friend. She said that the hotel was only built less than 1 year ago and rather nice. We checked in and found the hotel clean but had a rather cold design. There are hotels that feel warm and welcoming. They make you feel relaxed. However, though Hatten Hotel was clean and new, something about the finishing and decor gave off a functional, hospital like feel.

Location was good as it was smack in the middle of town where the big shopping centers and eating places were. It was opposite the Equatorial Hotel where we stayed last time and near to Jonker Street.

After resting awhile, we rode to Pak Putra Restaurant, a shop that sold Indian food. We ordered Chicken Nasi Briyani, various Nan, some Tandoori Chicken and drinks. Though simple, they were delicious, a far cry from Sri Brinchang. We also noted lots of locals eating at the restaurant, not just tourists. That was a good sign.

Pak Putra Restaurant
Pak Putra Restaurant

The next day, we walked around Jonker Street (Jalan Hang Jebat) and ate the Nonya Laksa, Chengdol and Ice Kachang. Again, delicious food. It was a small shop but usually crowded and for good reason too. Nice, tasty food.

I noticed something interesting in the shop. At a shelf on the left were displayed currency from the 1920s. On closer inspection, they were currency notes from the German Weimar Republic. These were from the time of the Weimar Inflation where the government deliberately undertook an inflationary policy to reduce the REAL burden of paying off the country’s debts.

However, though the government could pay off the debt in nominal terms, the ones to suffer were the German people. This same policy is being undertaken by heavily indebted developed countries around the world. The USA has been devaluing its currency for decades, destroying the real purchasing value of the dollar and exporting inflation to other countries as newly created money flowed out. The effect that we see is in the form of “rising prices” of goods and services. Many people do not make the connection that inflation is not rising prices, but the act of creating money out of thin air by our very own governments. The real culprits of inflation are not speculators, they are our very own governments.

50 Million Deutche Marks
50 Million Deutche Marks
20 Thousand Marks
20 Thousand Marks

Enough depressing thoughts about our governments. Let us return to happier things.

On the 2nd day, we also went to a cinema to catch Despicable Me 2. We loved the minions and the funny things they did. The whole reason for watching this movie was to catch the hilarious antics of these fellas. We booked the 3D show and were the only ones in the theater. Maybe because it was the Puasa season. We also noticed very few people in the shopping centers.

That concludes our last trip to Cameron Highlands and Melaka.

After Thoughts On The Bike

The bike is still not comfortable enough for long distance riding. My back still aches and my right hand still goes numb after awhile. After returning back home, I bought 2 heavier bar end weights that weigh about 220g each. This is the same as Motivation USA’s bar end weights that claim to reduce the vibration.

The new bar ends are on the left and weighs 220g each vs the original's 100g.
The new bar ends are on the left and weighs 220g each vs the original’s 100g.
New Bar Ends On Handlebar
New Bar End On Handlebar

The vibration is dampened a bit better but sometimes my hand still feels numb.

The other thing is my back. The suspension still seems too hard for prolonged riding. The handling is nice and feels confident in the turns, but once I hit the long boring highways, my back suffers. Since I got back, I have started fiddling the suspension again to find a softer setting. However, my previous attempts have not been successful and so far, I have not found a softer but confident setting for the bike yet.


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