Throttle Body Synchronization

Time to Get Rid of the Banging Clutch Again

Recently, I noticed that the engine was running a bit rough and lumpy. The banging clutch has also returned. Suspecting that the throttle bodies were out of sync again, I decided to synchronise them again.

On a nice sunny Sunday morning, I rode over to my dad’s place and got to work. Since I was going to do it, I decided to do it right.

With the tank propped and the airbox off, I adjusted the Secondary Throttle Position Sensor (STPS) using the multimeter and torx screw driver. It was off by a bit and I had to turn it all the way counter clockwise to get it to the 0.5 ohm mark.

Next, I connected up my Carbtune Pro to the holes at the throttle bodies and fired up the engine. I blipped the throttle a few times and then let the engine settle down. Once glance told me that number 4 throttle body was out again. Out came the screw driver and I started adjusting throttle bodies 3 and 4. I had to do minor adjustments to 1 and 2 and 2 and 3 as well. Lastly I adjusted the idling speed to roughly just off the 1,000 rpm mark on the meter.

With the engine off, the last thing to do was to check the Throttle Position Sensor (TPS). To do this, I had to pick out the a dangling cable at the left side of the rear seat fairing. I found a short piece of wire and shorted the 2 ends (you can also fashion a switch or buy the Suzuki Dealer Mode Switch and connect it to this connector). After switching on the bike, the LCD meter showed that the TPS was adjusted correctly, so I did not touch that

This was how I set up to balance my GSXR's throttle bodies.
This was how I set up to balance my GSXR’s throttle bodies.
Connections to the Throttle Bodies
Connections to the Throttle Bodies
Nicely balanced throttle bodies gives smooth engine and much less vibration.
Nicely balanced throttle bodies gives smooth engine and much less vibration.

Being someone who has a high probability of screwing repair jobs up, I took my time slowly and the whole process took about an hour or so.

With all that done, the engine was purring like a sweet kitty with no more banging clutch and a soft rustling of the cam chain. Beautiful.

I am glad that I bough the Carbtune Pro. Though it cost quite a bit a money, but like all quality tools, it was money well spent. I have used it 3 times and considering the money I have to fork out for the throttle body synchronizations at the workshops, I have already got my money back. The same goes for my Proto tools. I have used my spanners so many times that the money had been recovered years ago.


2 thoughts on “Throttle Body Synchronization

  1. Carbtune Pro is one of the best tools I’ve ever bought, alongside my Clarke torque wrench. Have enjoyed reading your exploits on the bike, got the same model and same colours as yours myself, am thinking of top yoke conversion with some Renthals. Still got standard suspension on mine with original fork oil in and still keeps ahead of most things on the road lol.

    1. Hi Graham, thanks for your comments. Yes, Carbtune was easy to use and of good quality. I do not have a torque wrench yet though.

      So you are thinking to change the bike into a streetfighter? Could it be a case of needing more comfort?

      I just came back from a day trip with my wife from Melaka on Sunday and damn, the GSXR is really not made for long distance touring 2 up. I fitted a softer rear spring (the original was for someone 20 kg heavier than I) recently (haven’t wrote about it yet) and thought that would solve the comfort issue. However, I could only get the bike to do 1 of 2 things. I could set it to be comfortable and kinda floaty or to handle well and give me hard time at the right wrist. I couldn’t get both.

      Also the windscreen is too low, only with a full crouch could I get out of the wind (with tank bag, its not possible). The engine is really something. Pulling and pulling….but the 2 riders on the bike couldn’t hold on for long. I need a VFR800…. 😦

      Send me your photos with a short write up and I’ll post it up here.

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