Big Bird Update

It has been more than a year since I bought the Honda CBX/CBF250 Twister. I am still enjoying the sprightly little single. Light weight, sensible seating position and a torquey mid-range makes it one of the most fun bikes I have ever rode.

Twenty plus horses may be nothing to shout about. However, when packaged in the form of the Twister, it becomes a item of immense fun and practicality in urban traffic. Fast acceleration off the stop lights, squeezing between columns of stuck cars AND…doing 90 degrees turns between stopped cars. Perfect…

Recently, I had a dumb problem with the bike. One fine morning, it wouldn’t start. The starter cranked over with authority but the engine just wouldn’t catch. Quickly taking off the fuel tank and checking the plug revealed that there was no spark. A quick call to office to work from home that day and later, I pushed the bike to a nearby shop (nice exercise that). On hindsight, I should have called my usual mechanic to have it towed to his shop.

Anyway, this mechanic, after checking the bike said that the charging coil (stator) is damaged and needed a new one. The bad news was that the local shops did not have one in stock and the agent here was quite useless in parts support. So he told me to push the bike back and to look for the parts myself.

I finally found an online parts shop in Brazil that could ship the part (and others I ordered as spares) over to Singapore. However, replacing the new stator didn’t solve the problem. By this time, I had been bikeless for more than 1 month and was tired from the repair. I called up my usual mechanic and had the bike sent there.

After trouble shooting for 5 days, it turned out that the problem was just the frigging KILL SWITCH! That changed and Big Bird was back on the road!

One good thing turned out from this frustrating incident:

I found a good English speaking parts supplier in Brazil. The name of the shop is Masada –

I did not use their online forms but contacted them using their email address – I talked to Isadora whose English was excellent. I recommend anyone to try this shop if you need parts for Brazilian made bikes.

The parts are almost all OEM stuff and are cheaper and works the same. I saw a 293cc big bore kit for this bike and that was tempting! Maybe in the future.

I have a bought a set of saddlebags for the bike and bought a slightly bigger top box to fit my wife’s full face helmet.

I also bought a China made screen for her but the position, height or design caused buffeting and  increased noise in the helmet. After trimming and cutting it to eliminate the buffeting, there is practically zero wind protection. Ha!



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