Time Is Love – An Analysis of Solvil et Titus Commercial – 2: The Newlyweds

Story No. 2 – The Newlyweds
(Start from 1 minute mark)

The second story opens with with a scene of a cloudy and foggy water breaker. However, the scene evokes the motif of the bridge we saw in the first story.

The scene changes and we see a couple in their wedding outfit running along the water breaker, evoking the motif of crossing a bridge. The couple is happy and the bride is clearly exuberant.

They board a bus amidst well wishes. We are a bit puzzled. Why they are boarding a public bus and why are the passengers clapping and congratulating them? This is a strange mode of transportation for a wedding couple isn’t it?
Could it be that this was not the first time that they took this bus together? The familiarity seems to hint that they could have met here or that the bus had a part to play in their romance. We can only guess as this story does not give us any hints.

There is also an announcement: “This is a one-way route”. It reminds us that marital commitment is eternal (Amen!). There is no turning back. This again points us back to the start of the first story where the young girl wished to hold the hands of one who will never let her go.

An important symbol also appeared.
We see for the first time that she is wearing a watch with a white face and white band. We can understand this symbol easily. It represents purity, love and marriage.

Next we see a montage showing scenes of the couple. You can see the joy in the bride’s face. However, there is also something odd in the montage. There is distance between the 2 of them. There is no physical contact between them. In the latter part of the montage, we notice there is awkwardness between them. The physical distance between them grows larger.
This tells us that though they love each other and is ready for marital life, they do not truly understand each other yet. There are doubts and worries in each party. They have to close the gap between them to truly know each other.

The scene changes and we see them getting ready to board the train. Now we understand they are transitioning to a new phase in life, symbolised by the change from the bus that they know so well, to a new transport, the train.

The next shot is critical and shows the bride reaching out hesitantly to hold his hand. We see her reaching out her hand to him but she stopped and did not touch his. She waits. It appears that he did not notice that she was reaching for him. For a moment, nothing happens, then he grasps her hand.
This small delay and hesitancy tell us that though they love each other, they are still not totally in sync. It also symbolises that each has some way to go in understanding the other.

The shot closes up to the back of her hand and we now notice that not only is the watch white, but it has a gold bezel.
Gold is not tarnished. It is pure. When sent through the fires of trials and tribulations, it is refined from all impurities and comes out perfect and unblemished at the other side.
Gold is also symbolic of the golden years of one’s life. We understand that the groom has this in mind when he gave the watch to her.

As soon as he holds her hand, we see a flashback to their times on the bus. He was holding her hand. It then cuts into a sepia montage of them together. Sepia symbolises the past and memories. Though the scenes show them in the wedding attire, it is a representation of their courting days.
The montage looks similar to the earlier set, but it is also different. This time, they are physically close. There is no distance between them. We now know that she remembers and is now assured of his love. She has no more doubts.

Then the scene cuts into a seemingly random shots of street signs.
However, nothing is random here.
We see the first two signs – No U Turn and Forward, symbolizing no turning back and no regrets. They will go forward in this journey together.

The next two signs are one with a left and right arrow and the other with “No Name Station”. This is the bride asking in her mind what the girl in the 1st story asked. “Where are we going?”…in this journey.

Her thoughts are vocalised by the groom asking the same question.
At that moment, something caught her attention and she now knows the answer.
It does not matter where they are going in this journey of life as long as he is with her.

She breaks into a smile because she knows where she wants to be in the future. We see her hand on the window, as if longing to be like the couple on the motorcycle. She understands that in her journey with her husband, she wants to reach the point where there is complete understanding between the two of them.

Also notice from this perspective, the young couple was behind her and the elderly couple in front of her. The young couple is walking on the river bank as this scene takes place. This is symbolic of the passage from young couple to newlyweds to married in the golden years.
The motif of crossing the bridge reappears and tells us they they are crossing into a next phase of life. It also symbolises closing the emotional gap in their relationship.

This story is the one with the most symbols to interpret. Perhaps the writers know that this is one of the most important decisions in a person’s life. I thank them for their efforts and truly enjoyed trying to understand its message. Life is indeed a journey. When we can travel this road with one who truly loves and understands us, we will be truly contented.

Jeremiah 31:3
New King James Version
3 The Lord has appeared of old to me, saying:
“Yes, I have loved you with an everlasting love;
Therefore with lovingkindness I have drawn you.

Isaiah 41:10
New King James Version
10 Fear not, for I am with you;
Be not dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you,
Yes, I will help you,
I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.’

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