Listen to the Wise Man


Consciously or unconsciously, we are all searching for that moment where we are contented and at peace with God and man.

The wise man wrote that “all is vanity” and “life…is vanity and grasping for the wind”.

We think that the next vacation, the next toy, the next relationship will be the one that results in contentment, peace and fulfillment.

They will not be.

And like the wind that goes round and round and as day becomes night and turns into day again, we continue to seek and strive for that which is temporal and fleeting.

The wise man had it all. Fortune, Fame and Power. Yet, he called all that he had, that he did “meaningless”.

Our search for that moment of contentment, for it indeed is just a moment, in the things of this world is just like grasping after the wind.

Listen to what the wise man says.

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